17 nov. 2007

The Goddess Bunny

Como en este blog siempre me preocupo por ofreceres los mejores y más constructivos contenidos, aquí les presento un fragmento de la película "The Goddess Bunny", conocido en la Región 4 como "Obedece a la morsa".

"No words can describe 'The Goddess Bunny'... only images... and even the images are indescribable. In spite of circumstances which would cause many to seek seclusion, this tenacious character has, for many years, maintained a frightfully loyal following in the decadent underground scene of Hollywood.

In this remarkable documentary, we will trace the rocky road tread by little Johnnie Baima, stricken with polio at birth, abused as a youth in foster homes, yet defiant enough to transform into campy, wise-cracking Sandie Crisp, a celebrated singer, dancer, actress and model.

After a starring role in a startling cult film, Miss Crisp was playfully dubbed 'The Goddess Bunny' and soon became an object of wild, fetishistic worship by the denizens of west coast counter culture. Hear the Goddess recount her own astounding story, and join her colorful group of friends and fans on a guided tour of bizarre, and unearthly underbelly of wicked, glamourous ComTinseltown."

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